Corporate governance

Whether you are starting up in your first venture, or expanding into the UK market from overseas, we are pleased to offer an initial consultation, to ensure incorporating a company is the most appropriate format for your business.

Company Formation Services

  • Provide online same-day company formations.
  • Act as your registered office (all UK companies must have a UK registered office).
  • Act as your Company Secretary.


Menzies have a number of dedicated international service desks, designed to support your international business needs.

Menzies Chinese desk
Menzies French desk
Menzies German desk
Menzies Italian desk
Menzies Spanish desk
Menzies US desk

Company Secretarial

People set up new companies for one reason: they see a commercial opportunity. That is why we believe that company secretarial work should be handled by a team that understands your business, its deadlines and priorities. A team that is committed to helping your company fulfil its commercial potential.

As a corporate officer you have certain legal obligations and duties. Every year the company must submit annual returns, approve and file accounts and formally document changes in the business.

The penalties for missing deadlines and non-compliance can be severe. But why should you have to worry about these matters, when you have more important concerns? Because our company secretaries work closely with our accounting and consultancy teams, we know what documentation has to be filed and when.

You can then focus on your business, secure in the knowledge that we are focusing on your company’s administration.

Company Secretarial Services

Our professionally trained company secretaries will handle all administration matters on your behalf.

Download Menzies Company Secretarial services renewal form.

For a fixed annual fee, we will:

  • Register the appointment and resignation of directors
  • Provide reminders when deadlines are due
  • Complete and file Annual Return/Confirmation Statement
  • Maintain and hold statutory records (including PSC register)
  • Provide minutes for AGM and board meetings approving accounts
  • Provide telephone support and advice relating to statutory matters
  • Document the issue of dividends and provide accompanying vouchers.

Additional available services

  • Provide online same-day incorporations.
  • Register the issue of new shares and document share transfers.
  • Deal with more complex matters such as sub-division and directors’ loan approvals and share buy-backs.
  • Reconstruct your statutory records.
  • Act as a Company Secretary.
  • Act as your Registered Office.

We recognise that you want to focus on building your business. Our company secretarial team will ensure that you are up-to-date with your compliance obligations.

To speak to a partner or for more information about the services we offer please contact one of the Menzies LLP offices or complete our online contact form.

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