How to keep hold of your best employees – 20th September

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How to keep hold of your best employees: build and boost belonging

Retaining your best people is tough, especially with talent shortages everywhere. Losing someone imposes costs and lost opportunities for your organisation.

We know that benefits, flexibility, progression, wellbeing support and a challenging role all help. But there’s something vital we’re missing: a sense of belonging. It’s about creating relationships and a culture which elicits loyalty, greater on-the-job effort and high employee happiness and performance.

A sense of belonging is a human need, if unmet, they will likely leave.

Menzies has teamed up with Carver Coaching to address this missing link. Join us to find out:

  • What makes people feel valued?
  • How do you build loyalty?
  • How do you create trusted relationships?

We’ll focus on the leadership behaviours that can make a big difference.

Lisa Carver and Ed Hussey will discuss how this can work, and how we are building a programme that can help.

Join us online on Tuesday 20th September at 9.30 am to find out more. Book your place here.

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