Building a quality driven culture

In the third of a six piece content series Mike Ayres examines each of the steps that businesses should take if they want to develop and drive a quality driven culture across their organisations.

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How SMEs should be empowering a quality driven business culture

So you have articulated your vision and permeated it through the business, everyone knows what you want to do and how they should be doing it. Next you need to empower your staff to deliver your vision and culture.

Empower – to make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. What this means in terms of driving culture within a business is that your team needs to be focussed and ready to pass on your vision and the company’s values and act as brand ambassadors.

Empowering a quality driven business culture through Training

This should be focussed on ensuring full understanding of the vision & values and how this should impact on individual employees day to day activities. The aim here is to gain the complete buy in from the employees and be reassured they will present the business to the market in line with your vision to create an impact. Iif your employees don’t believe how your company is different and better, how will they effectively convey this to potential customers?

Empowering a quality driven business culture through Key influencers

In any group of people, including the workplace, there are key people who can influence those around them. As such is it paramount to ensure that you have the buy in of these people. They should be empowered to guide those around them, by giving them extra responsibility it is possible to motivate them and so improve the performance of the entire workforce.

It is important to note that key influencers may not be those in supervisory positions and they may not even be the top performers. There is a fine balance to be found when this is the case, but these second two groups will also need to be motivated to work with you and the key influencers to achieve the company’s goals.

Empowering a quality driven business culture through Self-development

An additional desire, but not an early expectation, is that once the initial training has been completed and your workers are effectively acting within your vision that they want to continue their self-development. Being able to support this is key and will help with staff retention. This could include further internal courses or the opportunity and financial support for the attendance of appropriate external courses.

As well as having specialists in the business services sector, Menzies consultancy team can discuss your vision and values and provide further details and recommendations on how you can implement a quality driven culture.

To discuss how your business can be Empowering a quality driven business culture and to see how we can help you contact Mike Ayres by email at or by phone on 01252 894911.

More for More – Six Steps to Instilling a Quality Driven Culture

A ‘more for more’ business culture is key to the future success of service sector businesses such as those in legal, recruitment, financial services, marketing and other professional services. Menzies Business Services Insights report details how to instil and maintain a quality driven culture.

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