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Why join Menzies LLP?

Menzies is a leading firm of accountants, finance and business advisors that operate out of a network of offices across Surrey, Hampshire, London and Cardiff, providing our clients with easy access and local knowledge.

Menzies embrace our values of Inspire, Innovate, Collaborate and Empathise. Our clear vision, purpose and goals make us stronger and our commitment to our clients, our people and our community is evident in all that we do.

We invite you to consider being part of our success story. We are a Top 25 firm in the UK and offer our clients a wide range of services. Our services include compliance and audit, tax advice (both business and personal), strategic advisory services, corporate finance, business recovery, forensics and wealth management. Whether our clients are looking for profit growth, minimising risk, rapid expansion, long-term stability, grooming for exit or any other vision, our approach is uniquely tailored in line with every client.

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Alongside our services, we specialise in a number of different sectors. Understanding our clients’ sectors allows us to develop genuine insight into their businesses and the opportunities and challenges present within their respective industries.

Joining as a qualified professional

A career at Menzies means joining an inclusive, diverse, and collaborative team.  There will be many opportunities to grow and develop your career from day one, not only with your particular service line but as a potential sector specialist too. Menzies is also part of HLB, a global network of independent advisory and accounting firms, so in addition to our UK based clients, this gives you the opportunity to work with a wide variety of international clients.  

Why is a career at Menzies right for me?

You are passionate about your career development

The choices you make will determine what you achieve and the direction you follow. We will provide you with the tools needed to help you succeed and thrive. You will have regular feedback and an annual appraisal, access to targeted training and personal development and the opportunity to work with a Career Sponsor, to mentor you throughout your career.  We will provide plenty of opportunities to increase and grow your skillset via the scope of clients allocated to you, the different sectors they are in and even where they are based in the world.

You are pro-active and engaged

The best way for the Firm to succeed is to encourage our people. We encourage our staff to get involved in projects, become experts in their fields and develop themselves to become role models for their colleagues and the rest of the business. Menzies listens to its people and takes on board feedback about where the business can improve, grow and flourish. We strive to foster a culture that is open and approachable and are willing to help each other, so that we all feel supported and trusted to give our all to the work we do and jointly reap the rewards as a result.

You enjoy working in a collaborative culture

Collaboration is one of our core values and happens between all levels from our trainees to our Partners, whether this is within your team, between offices or across disciplines.  Your contribution to this culture of sharing and mutual support will be key. It’s all about joining forces to deliver success and offering a ‘One Menzies’ approach, delivering the best outcome for our clients and the Firm. Our core values of Collaborate and Empathise play a fundamental role in our collaborative culture, as they are about working well with your colleagues and understanding the people and clients you work with. We appreciate diversity and individual ways of working and we are good at listening to other ideas, working constructively together and providing a great working environment and experience for all.

You demonstrate a great commercial mindset

work with and, although every department may have a specialised set of skills and experience, we pride ourselves on having a strong commercial approach when we engage with our clients. A Client Relationship Manager may be an Auditor or Tax professional by discipline, but they represent the Firm across all services lines when working with our clients. Menzies’ clients sit at the heart of everything we do and we bring forward the very best specialists and experts to fully support our clients.

You are willing to nurture and develop talent

One of Menzies’ strengths is that everyone understands and buys into the ethos that training and learning never ends. To continue to be successful, we need to identify the right talent to take the business forward. Across all levels and grades in the business, everyone has a responsibility to train and develop others around them. Our very best are selected to be People Managers and they have an important role in developing and nurturing talented professionals across the business.

What Learning & development opportunities are there at Menzies LLP?

Appraisal Process

We recognise the power of feedback and we aim to give you real-time pointers to help you deliver at your very best.  Twice a year, you will be given a structured and meaningful set of objectives to work towards within your day-to-day role. Objectives will be a balanced combination of role and project-based goals to enable you to contribute to the success of your Service Line and ultimately the Firm. firm, with an aligning view of continuously developing you as a professional to aid your long-term career development.

Personal development planning (PDP)

Your personal development plan is created following your annual appraisal, when it is time to reflect on your interests and aspirations for the coming year and how you will achieve them.

Menzies Academy

The Menzies academy is the place to go to find information on our internal training courses and our e-learning programme.  It could be that you and your People Manager or Career Sponsor have identified an area where you to like to develop or enhance your soft skills or maybe something more technical.  Whatever your needs, we have a dedicated team waiting to help you book the right training for you.

Career Sponsorship

At Menzies, we make a significant time investment in career sponsorship.  The aim is to proactively help you navigate and develop your career in the Firm.    A Career Sponsor is a more experienced individual who will meet with you at least quarterly for career coaching conversations and be on hand to support you in your development journey.

What is the process for skill progression and promotion?

The key to progression is to develop your alignment with our clear competency framework. Every grade within every department across the Firm has a specific competency framework, which describes the role-based expectations and behaviours required at those respective levels. The Firm’s competency frameworks are very transparent and empower employees to know what is expected of them to be successful in their role. Our competency frameworks are also a key metric to help employees work towards career development and promotion to the next grade.

It is based around seven core competencies:

  1. Developing Relationships
  2. Delivering Quality Results
  3. Vision, Judgement & Decision Making
  4. Commercial Focus & Business Development
  5. Pro-active Communications
  6. Coaching & Developing Others
  7. Personal Effectiveness

What is the promotion process?

Promotion will be discussed with a candidate as soon as they are ready for progression. They are likely to be already demonstrating strong skills in both the technical competencies and the behavioural competencies at the new level. Promotions are ratified by an interview panel, comprising appropriate

Members of the Partnership alongside the HR Management Team. The process is typically co-ordinated annually, but ad hoc promotions may occur at other times where there is a clear business case for growth or replacement.

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