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Menzies is pleased and delighted to support Partner Peter Noyce in the publication of his first book ‘Brighter Thinking for Law Firms’ as further evidence of the firm’s commitment to the legal sector.

Launched at the Law Society in April 2017, the book is a collection of Peter’s years of experience advising the legal profession and how best to respond to an every changing market place.

Over the course of the book launch Peter was joined by a host of special guests, contributors to the book and panelists Christina Blacklaws (Deputy vice-president of the Law Society), Andy Miles of ThinkMarble and Michelle Peters of The Business Instructor.

“I was delighted to be on the expert panel at the launch of Peter Noyce’s book ‘Brighter Thinking for Law Firms’ on Monday at the Law Society. A great turnout and some lively discussion on the wide range of themes covered in the book – insurance seems to be the hottest topic right now!”
Michelle Peters – The Business Instructor

“Thanks for inviting me to your book launch last night. It was a good evening and I bumped into a few old friends. The book itself is excellent; I will be making every member of my team from the receptionist upward read it!”
Russell Conway – Oliver Fisher Solicitors

Thank you very much for inviting me to your book launch yesterday, I thought it was a great event and you were a brilliant compere!”
Emma Dickin – LexisNexis

We’d like to thank everyone who was able to attend the launch of Peter’s book ‘Brighter Thinking for Law Firms’, our special guest panelists and our hosts, The Law Society.

About Brighter Thinking for Law Firms

Brighter Thinking for law firmsThis is a one-stop practical guide for the forward-thinking law firm – from the hot topics of the moment to the challenges to overcome – all you need to know, from those in the know.

While it may not be everyone’s ideal example of bedtime reading if you are the leader of a law firm this book is pure gold.

Compiled and co-authored by Peter Noyce, partner and professional services specialist at accountancy firm, Menzies LLP, each chapter of Brighter Thinking for Law Firms delivers valuable insights from real experts in their field. The book includes everything from instilling efficient financial practices to people solutions, thinking internationally and preparing for the legal services marketplace of the future.

If you are running or helping to run a law firm, this book should be part of your management toolkit.

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Peter Noyce - Menzies Accountant
For more information about the book ‘Brighter Thinking for Law Firms’ or to find our more about Menzies legal sector services, contact Menzies Partner Peter Noyce by email at or by phone on 01483 758915.

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